Randy D. Eddy

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."
Stephen King

I am what I am.

I am not my resume, my portfolio, or my skillset. I am not my family, my friends, or my co-workers. I am not my work history or my formal education. I am not my mistakes nor my successes. I am not my genetics, and I am not my environment.

I am, however, the culmination of all of those things, and much more.

Tomorrow, I will be even more than I was today.

My Resume

I am commited to expanding my skills on a daily basis. My Education in the Internet, and all of the technologies involved, is ongoing.

My Portfolio

Though I am blessed with some talent, it is with a considerable amount of hard work that I have developed that talent into several successful ventures.

Please take a look at a few of those successes in My Portfolio.

My Skills

While IT and Web Development work constitutes the bulk of my time now, I have other design and development talents that I maintain.

These other skills keep me well-rounded, and allow me to exercise my creative side. This creative outlet keeps me from becoming too logically focused, and has often helped me come up with solutions I might not have otherwise found for critical issues.

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